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This is perhaps the best article Mike Adams of the has ever written!  I too raise chickens and dairy goats, urinate in my garden and have never used drugs, and since I have always lived far out in the mountains, I have watched with disdain the erosion of freedom and liberty from afar.  However, I now have made the mistake of living in an area where these things are against local laws and ordinances, and it has made me look more closely at these issues.  For those that would say that a law against abortion, for instance, is a good idea, I would say that abortion is already covered in laws that prohibit murder.  Just as there are exceptions in the prohibition against killing (defense, food, etc.) so there could be made some arguments for abortion.  That is for courts and the God of your choice to decide on a case by case basis, just as in individual murder cases. For those that would say that a law against prostitution is just and cite examples of forcing or children, I would again counter that forcing anyone to do anything is antithetical to the founding of our country as is the abuse of children, and any law beyond that is unnecessary.  The basics of our society already cover it.  To the pot smokers, smoke up.  but don’t let your side stream smoke bother anyone else, and don’t expect food stamps or welfare because you are just too mellow to work, or free mental health care when you can no longer focus, or the freedom to operate equipment where others may be harmed.  I frankly don’t care what anyone does in their own home or land, even though I teach my children to uphold a strict moral code that some (perhaps most) “modern” Americans would probably think oppressive.  Would I accept such behavior from myself or my children?  Of course not.  But the very founding of our country can be summed up in an old Hank Jr. song “I Gotta a Right to be Wrong”.  Just consider and then don’t impact others.  And don’t get hung up on the details or let the exceptions guide the rule.  We have way too many laws already.

To this I would add that the oft spoken rule about “do unto others” seems to be forgotten but it underlies – or at least it should underlie – any law and should  be the guide whenever dealing with other people.

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