How to Read the Weeds and Learn a Lot About Your Soil

  As I look over the sad scene of destruction that is, or rather was, my garden, I can’t help but notice that the weeds are doing well despite the demolition work of the deer, and the poor soil. I remember that the soil can be “read” by paying attention to the weeds that grow […]

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How to Make Your Own Stonehenge Type Solar Observatory

Ok, so I’m a week late. Last week was the Summer Solstice, and the frenetic activities that occupy the longer days of summer have proven to be a false economy. Posting has taken a step back as the added burdens of garden weeding, fruit picking, mowing and such have stepped up as we have been […]

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Searching for the Milk of My Youth and of Human Kindness

I originally started this blog to document and share my experiences as I return to my roots in the country and in the kitchen. You see, I grew up in a rural area, with a depression era mentality. Even though it was the 1960’s and 1970’s, we grew and foraged much of our food, and […]

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